Would More Marijuana Dispensaries In The US Mean Less Crime?

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UC Irvine has a study in play that confirms what many people have already been thinking when it comes to legalizing marijuana. Those shops that sell marijuana legally are good neighbors according to the study.

The flip side is many people have also assumed that these marijuana dispensaries would promote neighborhood crime. A professor at UC Irvine has shed some light on the data from the study, however, confirming the first hypothesis and saying that the information just doesn’t back up the people’s claims that dispensaries would usher in crime. While it always could happen, and this is just one study, the professor says that dispensaries being crime magnets isn’t likely at all.

This was a study that had a very narrow focus though. It was focused on Los Angeles, and it only shows data from one day, a day which many dispensaries closed all at the same time. The data from the study shows that crime increased when the dispensaries closed.

It has been mentioned that the results can be compared to when other regular businesses close in an area. In other words, people commit more crimes when fewer people are around. They can be seen if other people are in the area, so crime occurs on a lower level. That is an interesting way of looking at marijuana dispensaries and comparing them to other businesses like restaurants at the same time.
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There are other opinions on the matter, too, such as the fact that while similar to other businesses, marijuana dispensaries also have unique ways in which they deter crime. Attorney Randy Collins believes that we have failed when it comes to the war on drugs. When it comes to marijuana, do we let it flood the streets illegally, or do we manage its existence legally inside a business setting?

City councils don’t seem to like the idea of more marijuana dispensaries. However, drug policy reform throughout the nation is necessary. The community of Santa Ana is trying to prove that it doesn’t have to be scary to legalize marijuana.

Even if you look at dispensaries through a rose colored lens, that doesn’t mean they are perfect. For starters, these shops are cash only shops because of federal regulations, and that makes them robbery targets. As for shop behavior, there is competition, which keeps them on their toes.

You can look at what has happened with cigarettes to see what you think might happen with weed if it were legalized. Plus, advocates for dispensaries say that legalization doesn’t have to mean that the public likes marijuana in general.


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