When a Philadelphia Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can’t Bail You Out – What To Do After an Accident

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Pennsylvania drivers have no respect for bicyclists. I was recently at a roadshow in Pennsylvania. I’m an avid biker that enjoys to get out when I can. I nearly lost my life. If you were to see a car collide with me, would you know what to do?

It is important that you wait for police to show up at the crash scene to make sure that they can take as well as file an authorities report– also if you think you are not wounded. Some bicyclists do not realize they have actually been hurt till several hrs after the accident. And sometimes seemingly minor injuries later turn into severe and permanent troubles. If you leave the accident scene, you may never have the ability to determine the at-fault motorist.

Do not attempt to discuss with the motorist.

Several motorists originally ask forgiveness and also approve blame, only to later on refute their negligence or also deny they were existing at the accident. Instead, wait for the authorities to find so they could record every little thing in the cops report. Another advantage of awaiting the cops: They may ticket the chauffeur, which might be beneficial in working out the situation with the insurance policy business.

Occasionally, the law enforcement agent will certainly take a declaration from the driver and also not bother to speak to the biker. Do everything you could to obtain your side of the tale right into the authorities record. As well as of course, report all of your injuries, no matter exactly how small. Remember, those minor injuries could later on end up being more significant.

If, despite your efforts, the police choose not to include your statement in the crash report, you can later on have actually the record modified.

Acquire Vehicle driver and Witness Contact Info

If feasible, obtain the name of the automobile chauffeur, as well as his/her address, telephone number, driver’s certificate number, car certificate number, and also insurance coverage details. Furthermore, attempt to get names and also get in touch with information for everybody that witnessed the crash. Don’t assume the police record will include all this information– it may not. If you are harmed and also can not obtain this info yourself, ask an onlooker to do it for you.

If you can, make mental notes concerning the accident: what occurred; just how it occurred; where it took place; when it took place; and roadway, traffic, and also climate problems. Then, as soon as you are able, write all this information down.

Take pics of your aches and pains

Look for immediate clinical focus for your injuries, even if they are small. The fact that you looked for medical attention will certainly act as evidence that you were injured, and clinical records will record the level of those injuries. Have actually numerous photos taken of your injuries as soon as feasible after the mishap. Beginning a journal of your physical signs and symptoms and make entries every couple of days

Maintain Evidence.

Leave your bike and also other harmed home in the exact same state as after the crash– don’t attempt to take care of anything or have actually anything checked. Do not wash your garments. And also don’t send your bike, safety helmet, or other devices to any person apart from your lawyer. Take photos of your broken tools.

Seek Advice from a Specialist.

Lots of crashes between bikes as well as autos entail intricate lawful concerns. You might intend to seek advice from an injury attorney who understands bicycling or has actually managed bike crash instances.

Do not communicate with the insurer before seeking advice from a Philadelphia bike accident lawyer you feel is trustworthy. Anything you state to the insurance provider could be used versus you later. In some cases a letter from an attorney to the insurer will settle problems while preventing legal mistakes. As a matter of fact, most injury situations are resolved without ever needing to test.

If the case warrants it, your attorney could work with a bike mishap expert to examine the crash. That person might get skid mark dimensions, photo the scene, speak to additional witnesses, or procedure and also layout the accident scene.


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